Family Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in helping to resolve all areas of family law.

Family Law in Langford, Colwood, & The Western Communities

Family law issues can be overwhelming.  Our lawyers have extensive experience in helping to resolve all areas of family law.

If you are experiencing a separation in your relationship, we can advise and guide you on issues including custody, guardianship, parenting responsibilities, parenting time, contact, property division (including pension division), child and spousal support.    If you are starting a new relationship, we can advise you on Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements.  We can represent you if you are dealing with a removal of your child by the Ministry of Children and Families.  We can help you if you are adding a new member to your family through adoption.

We will assist you to resolve your family law problems by advocating on your behalf and help you to reach a settlement through negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration.  Where out of Court resolutions are not possible, we can guide you through the Court process.

Our approach to family law includes the following:

We listen.

We gather information, including financial disclosure.

We understand that family problems can be complicated.

We offer guidance and options of how your family problems can be resolved.


We will suggest community resources to help support you through the process.


We will guide and advise you throughout the process, whether it involves negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or Court.


We will help you finalize the resolution through a Separation Agreement, Marriage Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement or Court Order.

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